About Non-Parametric Data Ecology

Non-Parametric Data Ecology [potentially] provides data and ecological services.  This is not a business at present.  This site is owned by Eric Peterson, Ph.D., who currently works on data stewardship for river restoration within the federal government.  In government service, concerns over confict of interest run high.  Therefore Dr. Peterson currently avoids external work other than small projects within lichenology that have no overlap with his regular work.

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Why "Non-Parametric"?  Non-parametric is a statistical term refering to analytical methods that do not require specific distributions in the data, such as a bell-curve (a normal distribution).  I have always been an 'outside of the box' thinker, and coming to data issues from a background in ecology has probably elevated my thinking further from the box.  Harnessing creativity in combination with state-of-the-art data capabilities has directly accelerated my ability to improve collaborative data access and use!